Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zerman’s Remodeling Process?

We will come and measure and discuss your wish list. Then a floor plan and perspective will be drawn so you can see exactly how the kitchen or other cabinets will look. Changes to the design can be made to your custom design.

What is the New Construction Process?

Using a copy of your blueprints we will draw a floor plan and perspective working in your wish list for your new home. Not only for the kitchen but baths and family rooms.

Can I make changes to my design after it is finished?

Changes can be made to the design up until the time the cabinets are cut out.

How long will installation take?

On average, installation usually takes about three days for remodeling and approximately two to three days on new construction. Of course the length of time would depend on the amount of remodeling and size of the job.


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